Since Marina Loop graduated at the University (Bachelor of Arts, HHU Düsseldorf) she is working as a graphic designer.

Apart from creating illustrations and layouts within the range of print- and online media, Marina Loop is doing comics and acrylic paintings. She is interested in fairy tales and cartoons that were made for children. But she also favorites lots of horror or macabre media, so she tries to combine those very different addictions. That’s why the most of drawings and comics are kind of gloomy and black humored. The mix of cute and dark ideas is the essence of her style. This explains her artistic Name ‘Versus’ oder ‘Aka Versus’.
Such artists as Jhonen Vasquez, Tim Burton, Tove Jansson, Tsutomu Nihei, Alberto Giacometti and Giger give an aspect of inspiration.

Fields of work:
• Print- und Onlinemedia Design Concepts
• Graphic and Logo Design
• Illustrations (digital a. traditional)
• Creation of Comics

Strongest Ability:

Has a very good understanding and knows about the ideas and visions of the clients, so she can work effective without frequently corrections. Furthermore, if she joins a project, she is working very concentrated and fast until the work is done.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX