Leaf in the Rain



When I was young my mom read some very beautiful books for me. That special books from „Fritz Baumgarten“ I remember very good. He was a german Illustrator who has a very unique and cute style. All his books had one topice: the forest and their very special inhabitants like birds insects and also dwarfs or mouses. I loved that books sooo much. Somehow after all these years, so I can draw myself, Baumgarten is still an idol for me and sometimes I try to use his topices of stories from the forest. This piece I did for my mom to say thank you for reading those books with me and thank you for showing me masterpieces of illustration so I could find my goals in life.

Hey guys,

thanks for coming by again. And by the way sorry for posting less artworks the last months but my ‚mainwork‘ in the office is kind of exhausting so actually I dont find the energy for drawing at home. Anyway, my first inrl shop on Anime- and Manga Convention ‚Dokomi‘ needs to be prepared. That’s why I forced myself to go on and do some nice drawings until then. And train skills of course. This time I tried to use a more realistic colouring and shading (a thing that I dont like usually) with different structures and defined acting with photoshop brushes. Below you can see the different steps of creating the drawing.


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